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Rent Reusable Moving Bins
Delivered Right to Your Front Door in Las Vegas for FREE!

How It Works

We Deliver.

We ease your stress & deliver to your door. Need your BTBT Bins delivered in a timely manner? You can count on us.

You Pack & Move

We will provide the labels and a dolly so you can start packing. Alternatively, we can provide some great referrals for packing and moving services.

We Pick Up

Unpack your boxes and stack them. We will pick up your Leafy Moving Boxes at the end of your rental.

Pack faster, move smoother, save time and reduce stress!!

We deliver reusable moving bins and cardboard boxes to your front door… you pack and move…
we pick up when you’re done!

Benefits Of Our Bins

Easy to preassembled

Attached interlocking lids, no need to taping while assembling.


Our boxes are made of heavy duty plastic which makes them practically unbreakable.

Large capacity

Our boxes comes with great holding capacity i.e Large Bin is 27 x 17 x 12  Small bin is 21 x 15 x 12

Save Time!

Time is Money! Your movers will love you for these easily stackable boxes. Our durable boxes will shave at least an hour off your move time. (and with movers charging $80 an hour or more, this is a big savings!)*

Easily Stackable

Our boxes stacks perfectly upon each other keeping items safe.

Comfortable handles

Carry the boxes without any hassle with our comfortable handles on the bin.

Cleaned and Sanitized

We clean, disinfect and sanitize killing 99.9% of germ after each use.

Bin There Box That

We understand moving is one of life’s most stressful events and we makes moving better. We deliver water resistant, eco-friendly, rugged plastic boxes to your door. You pack them, move and we’ll pick up the empty boxes when you’re done.

Cleaned and Sanitized after every use!

We clean, disinfect and sanitize killing 99.9% of germ after each use. Check the FAQ’s for more detailed information.

Easily Stackable and Nesting

They nest and stack inside of each when empty and can be stacked 4 high when filled. Each bin holds up to 70lbs. and rolls smoothly on our 4 wheel dolly.

What Customers Says About Us

Eco Friendly Boxes

Reused hundreds of time before recycling

Next Day Delivery

Need your BTBT Bins delivered on next day of order? You can count on us.

Simple Ordering

Pick your package, time and date enjoy Free Delivery of your moving bins.

We are currently not taking orders.

Please call Umbrella Movers at (702) 533-2853
for all your Moving Needs!

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